Samples of my work: E-learning

Edexcel Diploma in Digital Applications
University of London Diploma and BSc in Computing and Information Systems

Edexcel Diploma in Digital Applications

Project management on the first unit, Using ICT, involving scheduling, specifying, creating author briefing notes, allocating resources, and creating an XML manifest on a highly complex project involving video, website, interactive book, simulations and animations:

The work also involved interactive scriptwriting and creating help content:

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University of London Diploma and BSc in Computing and Information Systems

Modules from the first year of the Diploma and the BSc, i.e.:

Study Skills in English
Mathematics for Business
Introduction to Programming in Java

Introduction to Computing and the Internet
Mathematics for Computing
Introduction to Information Systems

I created most of the html, and some of the flash assets and interactive exercises (I have asterisked below where I created the assets myself); I also translated content into interactive platforms which involved considering how best to portray material in an interactive form in order to best serve the learning requirements of the students and reflect the syllabus. (NB Mathematics for Business was entirely the work of the author, although I did much of Mathematics for Computing.)

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There follows some samples of particular use I made of interactive technologies to provide rich media and assessment for the students. (NB when viewing the following examples, click the 'back' button on your browser to return to the main page.)

Use of rich media

To do things that it would not be possible to do with print:
Note-taking skills in lectures

Explanation of difficult concept
Java programming audiographic

Rollover graphic (allows learner to focus)
History of computing*
Address decoder*

Use of CAA for formative assessment

Multiple choice and multiple response: 
Example 1*
Example 2: Interactive mathematics quiz
Example 3:

Other more complex examples of CAA:
Example 4
Example 5

Mathematical problem-solving