Here are some of the projects on which I have worked :

Interactive learning materials and instructional design
Strategic develpment
Distance learning materials
Web content development
Author training

Interactive learning materials and instructional design

Digital project manager for Pearson Education's Diploma in Digital Applications CD.

  • Product specification
  • Schedule, project plans and resource allocation
  • Author briefing and support in digital writing
  • Scriptwriting for 'digimodules'
  • Managing relationship with technical developers and asset creators
  • Managing IMS manifest for XML development

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Managing a project to create interactive CDs/websites for a Diploma in and first year of a BSc in Computing and Information Systems for the University of London External Programme.
  • Product specification and instructional design
  • Project management and managing project teams
  • Author briefing to create appropriate content
  • Editing content and writing ‘surround’ material
  • Managing relationship with technical developer, and web authoring using using Dreamweaver, JavaScript, Fireworks & Flash
  • Managing and controlling budget and forecasting expenditure; managing schedule
  • Ensuring quality standards

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Strategic development

For Luton Business School, I was responsible for helping develop their distance learning strategy, including learning material and use of a virtual learning environment.

For Butterworth Heinemann, I researched markets for new courses.

Distance learning materials

For Butterworth Heinemann, I commissioned, developed, editing and project managed flexible learning material and textbooks: Institute of Management Open Learning Programme, Trainer Development Programme.

For The Open College, I edited and project managed a distance learning accountancy course for ACCA.

For Luton Business School, I worked on a distance learning MBA.

  • Development of product specification
  • Author briefing to create appropriate content
  • Editing
  • Project management

Web content development

Developing and maintaining content for Emerald Management Xtra website which supports academic authors and researchers in writing for publication.

  • Writing practical guides to particular topics
  • Reviewing websites and other resources and providing links
  • Sourcing interviews
  • Recommending enhancements to the site, commissioning academic contributors

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Author training

I ran training courses in distance learning for Pergamon Flexible Learning and for the University of Luton. I have also mentored academic authors and produced guidance documentation.


I evaluated the use of Blackboard and other VLEs at the University of Luton.

July 2001 - Masters thesis special project for MSc in Information Technology and Learning for the University of Lancaster entitled: ‘Collaborative Computer Mediated Communication as a Means of Fostering Teaching and Learning: A Case Study of a Module in the Linguistics Department at the University of Luton.’

Paper presented to the Association of Learning Technologists, September 2001

Evaluated students' reaction to CDs for the University of London External Programme, Summer 2004, using a questionnaire which I designed and sent out, via the institutions at which they were studying, to 2000 students.