Case study 3: Paper for Management Decision on 'Policy Commitment: Shifting targets of loyalty in organizations'

David Foote of Middle Tennessee State University wrote, together with colleagues, a paper entitled 'Policy commitment: Shifting targets of loyalty in organizations'. While the reviewers were impressed by the choice of subject, which they described as 'interesting, innovative and exciting', its international appeal, and the style in which the article was written, they had concerns as to the rigour of the research. In particular, they indicated that the theoretical background to the paper was weak, and asked questions as to the theoretical foundation for the main variable in the study, policy commitment. One reviewer also queried the methodology, stating that there was a discrepancy in the number of items given for the instrument, the PC scale, which also did not properly relate to the definition of PC.

David and his colleagues re-worked the paper, making extensive revisions which included adding a theoretical context, revising the description of the instrument as well as several other aspects of the reseach methodology. David also responded in detail to reviewers' comments, providing a table which listed all the comments by reviewer, and which detailed his response. We recommend this response as an example of good practice and it may be viewed here.

David's commented that 'I felt that the paper was dramatically improved as a result of the review and revision process'; his amended article will be published in the March 2005 edition of Management Decision and may be read here (note, not the final version).

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