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Unit Title: Study Skills in English
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2.3 Introduction
2.3.1 Concentration and motivation
2.3.2 How you handle pressure
2.3.3 Best times to work
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Section 2.3 - Making a plan

In this section, we help you improve your studying by finding the best way of harnessing that invaluable resource: time.

Studying takes time. Not just the time taken to attend for exams and write assignments, but also the time taken to do the necessary reading and practise any skills you need to acquire. It is estimated that each Unit on the degree will take as a minimum 250 hours of study, which will include reading your subject guide and your textbooks, writing reports, essays etc., and revising for and sitting the exam. So, that is why we spend much of this section helping you think through issues around the question:

How will I fit this time in?

We will help you fill in a diary as a way of helping you to plan your work schedule, but first you need to think carefully about how you can best use time.

This section contains the following subheadings:

2.3.1 - Concentration and motivation

2.3.2 - How do you respond to pressure?

2.2.3 - Best times to work