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This area provides information on site accessibility, and links to accessible versions of tools and resources, and main site pages. If you want a list of links to all site pages, click the 'Site Map' link below. If you want to get back to the page you were on, select the 'Back' button on your browser.

Adjusting Browser Display Settings

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Adjusting browser display settings

You may need to adjust your browser settings to affect the display of the fonts used in the site.

If you are using an Internet Explorer browser:

Within Internet Explorer, select Tools from the menubar and Internet Options to display the relevant dialogue box. With the General tab selected, select the Colors and Fonts buttons to give you a number of options that relate to colours and font type. To enable you to select your own font size, click on the Accessibility button (depending on your version of Windows) and select the boxes labelled Ignore font styles and Ignore font sizes. Finally, select View and Text size from the menubar to specify the size of the fonts displayed.

If you are using a Netscape browser:

Within Netscape, select Edit from the menubar and Preferences to display the relevant dialogue box. Select the Fonts and Colors options to edit the fonts and colour settings used in your browser.

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Screen readers

If you are using a screen reader, we recommend using screen readers that enable Javascript (for example, Jaws 4.5.1) to enable you to get the most from this site.

If you are using a screen reader that does not handle javascript, we have provided links throughout the site to enable you to access explanations or text versions of exercises, and any other information that is displayed using popup windows or graphics. These links are generally placed on the line below the interaction, and are labelled (Accessible version).

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Once you are within the 'Interactive Version' area of the site, the main navigation for the site is in the form of two panels, one on the left-hand side and one on the top. The panel on the left-hand side contains local navigation links, for example, to chapters of the unit, and if you are within a chapter or section level, the sections or subsections of that particular chapter. There are also links to the home page, to a page with that chapter's exercises, to the previous and next pages of the section, and up to a higher level. Within the top panel there are links to the site's tools and resources, as well as a 'Quicklink' menu which links directly to certain pages and all chapters.

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Main Site Links

Home page

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How to study

Interactive version

PDF version

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Study strategies for effective learning

Chapter 3 - Gathering the information

Chapter 4 - Academic writing

Chapter 5 - Effective examination techniques

Chapter 6 - Listening and speaking skills

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Site Tools and Resources

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Search (See notes below)

Note: If you are using a screen reader, once on the search page, you will need to access the form input field in the Java Applet before typing in your search criteria, and then access the 'Search' button before pressing the Enter key to activate the search. A list of links to pages containing the search criteria, together with a line of context, will be returned in the form of a listbox. Double-clicking an entry will launch the page in the main window.

Note: There is also an online version of the search, which allows more specific searching and gives more detail on search results. When you select the link given below, you will be using the online version of the site, and will therefore need to relaunch this application, either from your courseware CD or hard drive, if you want to view it offline.

To use the online version of the site, you will need the following user name and password:

User name: study_skills
Password: st_james
Note the use of lower case and the _ character.

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